Piles of Parsley

23 February 2015 – was just looking for something to use up the HUGE amount of parsley that went nuts in the garden over the last week or so…tabbouleh is the answer!!

Found this easy recipe (link here) that has ingredients that we have in our pantry/fridge/garden all the time…trying it out on the family for dinner so will let you know how it goes.

26 February 2015 – well, what can I say…I’m not a GREAT cook…struggle for motivation, however, something new is always a good place to start.

So, substituted rice for quinoa (didn’t have enough quinoa after all that) but it still worked out OK – fabulous fresh mint and parsley, great flavours and generally pretty easy to make…suits me! Next time you have the parsley overload situation in the herb garden you know what to do!

There are lots of great ways to store/preserve herbs too…one of the good ones is to mix them through butter and freeze the lot…then you can use it all through Winter.

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