November – Thyme Pizza

Starting to think about outdoor cooking, healthy Summer eating and pizza?? Here is the perfect herb with a great BIG savoury flavour to “herb” up your Summer cuisine.

This pThyme pizza 1articular thyme can be used in the same way as Common Thyme, but adds a hint of oregano. It’s amazing to zing up pizza, cheese and meat dishes on the bbq, and gives a great flavour base to soups, stews and stuffings.

Pizza thyme looks similar to common thyme, and you look after it in the same way prefering plenty of sun and neutral to alkaline soils with good drainage. Allow about 20cm between plants for best results, trim plants if they become “leggy” and water well during Summer.

Thyme’s are generally a hardy bunch, though slow-growing in Winter, they are best protected from deep frosts.


For healthy eating try this Mushroom and Thyme Risotto recipe from BBC’s “Good Food” with quinoa and rice. Quick, easy and healthy.Mushroom and Thyme risotto

Have your herb garden close to the kitchen where you can see the herbs growing, it’s just so easy to flavour your life naturally every day!






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