June – Catmint, Catgrass and Catnip

How is your best pet over the Winter – looking for some entertainment and attention if it is anything like our lad!

Catnip has very pretty, small flowers in Spring and Summer though can be a bit frost tender (we grow without issues in a small Auckland garden).

We break off a few leaves and sprinkle them around the lawn for the fury lad to go mad over, he rubs his chin and tries to Catmint dashboard catcatch the little pieces – hours of entertainment for all!

Catnip contains the feline attractant nepetalactone. Catnip and catmint are known for their behavioral effects on the cat family, not only on domestic cats but also other bigger cats. Several tests showed that leopards, cougars, servals, and lynxes often reacted strongly to catnip in a manner similar to domestic cats and while lions and tigers can react strongly as wCatnip 1ell, they do not react as consistently.

So if you are growing catnip for your Lion or Tiger, don’t rely on it!

Catmint is very similar to catnip, though the flowers are more blue than towards the white/pink range.     

Both catmint and catnip can be used by humans too – with leaves dried and made into a tea which is a relaxant (no kidding!) and digestive helper too.                                                         

Cat Grass has a different function in that it aids our fury friends digestion, you know when they start chewing the long bits of lawn at the edges – head them toward the cat grass to help with fur balls and general wellness. This grass is sweeter than most hench the feline attraction.



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