September – HAS to be Basil

Living Herbs NZBest herb ever – Welcome in Spring !!!

Though we are still a little cool to have Basil outside unprotected, kitchen windowsill works a treat. Or if you have a greenhouse even better. Small tunnel or home greenhouses aren’t expensive, are easy to erect and not too space-hungry…well worth the investment for the future as they alloy you to grow early tomatoes (as grown by Living Herbs) herbs and seedlings.

Easy to make and fresh, fresh fresh – Click HERE for a Basil pesto recipe from Annabel Langbein….


Italian food is my favourite and Basil is an essential with tomatoes and mozzarella, Caprese salad just like that!caprese salad

Just thickly slice your ripe tomatoes, layer with the sliced buffalo mozzarella drizzzzzle with olive oil, season and generously sprinkle fresh basil leaves over the top…everyday…and a little balsamic vinegar just tops it off.


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