Basil is BACK

Yay!!! Basil being back is the BEST sign that Spring and Summer are on their way.

Keep plants in a warm, sheltered spot at this time of year and enjoy – fabulous scent when you pick leaves fresh from the plant and even better FLAVOUR however you use it.

I love Italian food so this is just great for me. Made my own basil pesto last Summer when basil went nuts in the garden and put some in little plastic containers in the freezer but ate it all long before Winter.

Here is the recipe LINK from Annabel Langbein – some recipes use more expensive ingredients so substitute what suits you (walnuts for pinenuts etc) and you can change up the herbs too (just saying but this is NOT my thinking!!).

There are heaps of ways to use pesto – on sandwiches instead of marg/butter, over pasta as a sauce, on salads, eggs at breakfast time, as a dip – the list goes on and on (am I raving?? – sorry)

basil bed basil lemonade with frozen mint pasta basil pesto


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